sábado, 23 de outubro de 2010

Novas atualizações no Mobile Stream

Aqui estão as muitas mais fotos atualizadas no Mobile Stream do paramore.net, que a Hayley postou.

Last Show In Aussie! What A Trip!

View From Our Room In Kuala Lumpur Yesterday!

He Loves Yellow Curry

Wearin My Purple Nikes On The Plane In Honor Of The 6 Teen Suicides. Open Mind. Open Heart.

A Baby Girl Gave Me These When We Arrived In KL! This Bouquet Is Bigger Than She Was!!

Just Hangin, Bro

RIP Miss Anne. 2003-2010

Brizzy Knows How To Party. Thx To @Ethanluck For These Pics!

Slave 4 U

This Bud's Hangin Out With Us At The Airport. Wish He Was Mine!! Need A Dog.

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